TP-Link EAP245_V3 Wireless Access Point

The V3 update of TP-Link’s EAP245 Ceiling Mount Access Point was well worth the wait. Compared to the previous version, the wiring of the access point is now invisible due to the relocation of the of the network and power ports. TP-Link also added a gigabit pass-through port in addition to the original gigabit Power over Ethernet (PoE) port.  These changes are extremely helpful, especially when used in the home, in order to keep the marital bliss intact due to exposed wires.

Excellent Wi-Fi coverage of both channels means I dropped from using two of a competing brand’s access points down to just one EAP245 V3!

TP-Link has multiple options for controlling the access point: Web browser, phone app, Windows or Linux client, using TP-Link’s cloud service, or even a dedicated controller box. The latter three are extremely handy if you have multiple access points. Only the Omada hardware controller is an additional cost.

Did I mention I really, really like this access point?!

Between its ability to be easily configured, yet chock-full of enterprise grade options from band steering, bandwidth prioritization and throttling, load balancing, seamless handoff between multiple access points, multiple SSIDs, scheduling, a log server, and more, this feature rich and speedy access point is well worth the money over any consumer grade product!

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