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A Health Care Epiphany

I discuss in my post about a Picture of Free Market Healthcare that the government is distorting the price of healthcare through various laws. Mainly, health insurance really isn’t insurance. What I missed is a small, but extremely important point that Tom Woods and Bob Murphy bring up in their…

A Picture of Free-Market Healthcare

What are the origins of healthcare as we know it today?  It basically came from wage and price controls during World War II.  It is an example of the “Seen vs. Unseen” acts of government intervention that mandate a particular outcome without understanding basic economic law, which then creates unintended consequences….

NAFTA vs. Detroit

This one picture communicates 1,000 fallacies!  People look at Detroit before some time period, then after, and then simplistically correlate an event to the causation.  The reality is correlation does not imply causation.  You have to dig deeper.  You need to discover the facts. Free trade doesn’t destroy economies. The complexity…

Star Wars: The Force Awakens

In Defense of the Capitalist Rebellion

It all started with a post by our CEO: Interesting read I commented on the post about “Star Lords” by James Douglas, but any justice requires more than a few sentences. Given this is the release week of “The Force Awakens,” James published an opinion piece about how contemporary audiences are…