Questions From My Simple Mind

These are questions my simple mind has been bouncing around lately after seeing how people have behaved this election cycle, coupled with my trip to Washington, D.C. yesterday:

What if the state impersonates God by building structures that mimic temples of worship and creating institutions that feign Devine knowledge?

What if the state uses religion to make people believe that God is on our side but not the other?

What if the state intentionally creates fear by overstating risks?

What if the state intentionally creates risks to cause fear?

What if the state enslaves us by pitting humanity against one another using envy?
What if the state leads people to believe that we are compassionate, caring, loving, humans with our views but barbaric, evil, inhuman murderers on the other side with their views?

What if the state uses patriotism to avoid the population questioning its actions?

Why do successful businesses have to bring people together regardless of race, color, or sex to solve problems humans are willing to voluntarily purchase, but the state pits those very same races, sexes, and colors against one another to justify its forcing of products upon us that we would never voluntarily purchase?

Why does the state seek to impose laws on its citizens and then also require that it be the ultimate arbitrator in the validity of those laws, yet on the individual level we seek out neutral third-parties to mediate differences?

Why does the state create laws for its citizens to obey under threat of fines, incarceration, or even death but when citizens create laws for the state there is no recourse?

Why are we supposed to be employed individuals producing value for the entirety of our adult lives but the state produces nothing itself that is profitable, yet is perpetually entitled to a percentage of our life’s work?

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