Hurricane Florence Preparations

Atlantic Ocean Cyclones

We did our Florence due diligence and she decided to dance slightly to the south, which has halved our rainfall forecast and cut our wind probabilities. South Carolina will suffer because of it. The Yang to our Yin.

Keep your powder dry Carolina neighbors!

Did I miss anything?  It looks like from how things are forming up in the Atlantic Ocean this season, a checklist is going to come in handy.

Mother Nature Temper Tantrum Prep List:

  • Prep generator and chainsaw.
  • Charge batteries.
  • Make sure fuel sources are topped off.
  • Trim branches that could cause property damage.
  • Turn down temperature on refrigerator.
  • Secure lawn furniture and various lawn ornaments.
  • Prep backup pumps for pool water drainage.
  • Prep emergency lighting and communication solutions.
  • Secure adequate water supplies. Put a pitcher of water in the refrigerator.
  • Wash clothes and dishes before storm hits.
  • External backup of digital media.

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