How A Little Known Vitamin Could Save Your Life

I finished reading Vitamin K2 and the Calcium Paradox and let me say that if you value your long-term health, this book is a must read!

First, there is a whole lot of confusion out there surrounding Vitamin K. What is typically referred to as Vitamin K is usually Vitamin K1 and quite different than Vitamin K2. Vitamin K1 promotes blood clotting and is very hard for the body to be deficient in. Vitamin K2 puts calcium in the bones and teeth. Due to Concentrated Animal Feeding Operations now prevalent in our country instead of pasture raised livestock, the super majority of us are not getting near enough K2 to keep calcium out of our soft tissues.

K2 is found in herbivores who turn the grass they eat into the vitamin. Humans for the most part can not do this in any meaningful manner in the gut. So, if you’re not eating pastured animal products — grass fed beef, butter, and eggs, nor eating a fermented soy product called Natto, you’re K2 deficient.

Without enough K2, calcium builds up in the arteries, causing Atherosclerosis.

Yes, that’s right. It’s NOT cholesterol causing heart attacks. It’s Vitamin K2 deficiency. Fortunately, Atherosclerosis can actually be reversed in a number of weeks by getting enough K2. Heart valve gone bad due to calcification? Yup. K2 deficiency. Yes, you can reverse it.

This is being compounded by what I’m going to coin as two other aspects of the “Vitamin Health Trinity” — Vitamin D and Vitamin A as well as calcium supplementation.

Typically we get plenty of calcium in our diet. The issue with bone loss is usually NOT lack of calcium, it is lack of K2 to put the calcium where it’s supposed to go. Calcium supplementation without appropriate amounts of K2 ends up in soft tissues — the heart, the arteries, the joints, etc.

This has been compounded by Vitamin D supplementation as it allows for more calcium absorption by the body. However Vitamin D only allows the body to absorb more without actually directing where it should go.

I consider Vitamin A, D, and K2 as the “Vitamin Health Trinity” because they are fat-soluable cofactors for one another. They all work to help regulate the proper function of your skeletal “organ” as well as present other health benefits for the eyes, immune system, and skin.

Please read this book and save a life. It may be your own.

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