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Jenkins Parameterized Trigger Plugin

If you’re using Jenkins for automation in software development, you may have a need to do a post-build action that passes information from the original build to the next action. For example, say you execute one script with date and time information and upon successful completion, you want to then execute…

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The Downside to Python’s List Comprehension

I’m divided on Python’s list comprehension ability from the standpoint of support and readability. Shortcuts are all well and good when you code, but you also have to think of those who, after you’ve come and gone, have to figure out exactly what the heck you were thinking. Especially when…

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Adventures in Hadoop – Hive UDFs

There always comes a time when you use a product or a tool that you say to yourself, “this would be so much better if it could do X!” Fortunately, those of us who live in the software world typically have the option of writing User Defined Functions (UDFs) for…