Amazon’s Slick Trickery: One Month Free Prime Trial.

A Free One Month Trial? Why not?

Ok, who doesn’t use Amazon for something? Supplements, dog toys, kitchen sink parts, electronics, you name it!

The problem for me is that I’m a cheap-ass bastard unless I can find some real value in something. Not being a Prime member, I’d wait until I had $50 of stuff to order so I get free shipping. And, if you’re like me, you’ve got little small dollar items on your wish list so that when such an occasion happens that you’re OH SO CLOSE to free shipping that you can pop one of those suckers in and you win.

So I’m trying to order some small things for gifts last month and I see this free Prime trial that has free two-day shipping. This sounds like the right deal for me at just the right time. Those crafty Amazon peeps really know when to snag a guy a free trial!

But wait! There’s free movies?! Free Kindle book rentals!! Free shows! Free music!! Free!! Free!!! Free!!!! For one month anyway.

And so I’m ordering things that I normally order but I don’t have to wait for things to pile up to reach the magic $50. AND, I’m not trying fill in the gap with small dollar items I may not get normally if I weren’t trying to get free shipping!! I get my one-off orders in two days, or if I don’t need it that fast I can get credits for standard shipping.

WHAT?! They pay me back if I don’t need something in a rush? If I get their new Amazon Visa card, I get an additional 5% back from Amazon purchases?!

Amazon Fire TV Stick

And then I see the Firestick. The Firestick is this $40 gadget that plugs into your TV’s HDMI input, hooks up to your home wireless network and serves up all that media that comes with Prime.

How much do you pay for cable? Have any premium channels? Could you cut back on a cable package, rent one less cable box, or even better, replace cable altogether with Firestick, Prime, and a few premium subscriptions?!

OMG!! I just made Prime pay for itself every year!!

That slick Jeff Bezos really pulled a number on me! I’m actually going to purchase Prime after my trial is up and see if I can cut back on my cable bill.

Part of my Amazon experience this past month was also returning my first order. They have something called Amazon Lockers in certain locations. You can get deliveries, or make returns to them. There just happens to be one about 1/2 a mile from my house. It’s all automated. Scan your barcode at the console and a door pops right open for you. In my return went and my refund was processed the next day!!!

That was probably the best return experience I’ve ever had from anything mail order. No finding some UPS / FedEx / Post Office to go stand in line, etc., etc.

Is it any wonder why retail sales were down for the holidays, clobbered by online sales, with Amazon being a huge percentage of that?

Convenience and service without having to deal with crowds, lines, nor traffic. I’m extremely impressed!

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